Tradition's exclusive collection of handloom pashmina scarves and shawls are handcrafted in Kashmir, India from the finest pashmina fibres, also known as cashmere. The pashmina used is from the Himalayan goat kept by herdsmen in Ladakh.

We work with skilled textile artisans who weave and embroiderer these exquisite scarves and shawls. Natural pashmina is white or beige while the fibres are also dyed in a myriad of colours. The pashminas are woven in plain or striped designs, or embroidered all over or with border designs by specialist sozni embroidery craftsmen. On heavily embroidered jama shawls very little of the base fabric can be seen. 

Each piece is individual and so treasured by those who own one.

We are happy to send pictures of our collection if you are interested - email