Tradition Textiles scarves and wraps

include a variety of woven, printed and hand embroidered pieces in the natural fibres of merino wool, pashmina, silk and linen. Designed with an emphasis on colour and softness that feels great to wear. New designs are created for each season in fashion colours and styles.

The winter 2018 scarf collection

features the finest Australian merino wool printed and woven scarves and wraps. Print designs inspired by Modernist artists and nature contrast with single colour scarves in ombre gradations. Some designs are also hand embroidered. The scarves are fine so not bulky but warm to wear. As they are 100% wool they drape beautifully and never wrinkle.

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WSMB scarf

WSMB | Wool Monsoon Blossoms

WTGE scarf

WTGE | Wool Twill Geometrics

WSNF scarf

WSNF | Wool Night Flowers

WSBT scarf

WSBT | Wool Blue Tatoo Flowers

WSAS scarf

WSAS | Wool All Sorts

WTPS scarf

WTPS | Wool Paint Splash

WPCF-W scarf

WPCF-W | Contour Fields warm

WPCF-C scarf

WPCF-C | Contour Fields cool

WPMF scarf

WPMF | Wool Macro Flora

WPNB scarf

WPNB | Wool Night Bright

WTRE-C scarf

WTRE-C | Twill Rectangles cool

WTRE-W scarf

WTRE-W | Twill Rectangles warm

WTPL scarf

WTPL | Wool Planets

WTHO scarf

WTHO | Wool Twill Hounds

WDOS shawl

WDOS | Wool Twill Dot Shawl

WPFL scarf

WPFL | Wool Print Flames

WPKL scarf

WPKL | Wool Print Klee

WTRE-W scarf

WPCS | Wool Print Clamp Stripes

WABS scarf

WABS | Wool Print Abstract

WPTR scarf

WPTR | Wool Print Triangles

WPOM scarf

WPOM | Wool Pom Pom

WKAN scarf

WKAN | Wool Kantha

WECL scarf

WECL | Wool Eclipse

WDAB scarf

WDAB | Wool Print Dabs

WPAS scarf

WPAS | Wool Print Abstract Stripes

WPTR scarf

WPOP | Wool Poppies

WCUB scarf

WCUB | Wool Cubist

WLEA scarf

WLEA | Wool Leaves

WRIP scarf

WRIP | Wool Ripples

WORB scarf

WORB | Wool Orbits

WMOS scarf

WMOS | Wool Mosaic

MWOM scarves

MWOM | Wool Ombre scarf range

WNIS scarf

WNIS | Wool Night Spots

WMIR scarf

WMIR | Wool Miro

WPKL scarf

WFGU | Wool Flowering Gum

WCTI-N scarf

WCTI-N | Wool Tiles navy

WCMF-R scarf

WCMF-R | Wool Manga Flower

WCCZ-O scarf

WCCZ-O | Wool Check Zigzag

WCRS-R scarf

WCRS-R | Wool Retro Squares red

WCRS-B scarf

WCRS-B | Wool Retro Squares blue

WCRS-G scarf

WCRS-G | Wool Retro Squares gold

WCCO-G scarf

WCCO-G | Wool Print Cones grey

WCOB-W scarf

WCOB-W | Wool Oblong Blur warm

WCOB-C scarf

WCOB-C | Wool Oblong Blur cool

WCSL scarf

WCSL | Wool Slats

WPLI scarf

WPLI | Wool Lines

WCLW scarf

WCLW | Wool Lattice Weave

WCPQ-B scarf

WCPQ-B | Wool Parquet blue

WCPQ-R scarf

WCPQ-R | Wool Parquet rust

WCPQ-T scarf

WCPQ-T | Wool Parquet teal


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WMOS-C scarf

WMOS-C | Wool Mosaic cool

WPLE scarf

WPLE | Wool Print Leaf